We are a rapidly growing company, composed of a team of specialists with experience in the industry of Fusing glass. As an overarching aim is to ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION buyers of our unique glass doors and other elements of interior design.

Our products are based on manual production technology with the highest quality materials. Diversity of colours and designs of glass provides a satisfaction of various customer preferences.

We provide advice and installation of our products, all in exceptionally affordable price. It is worth mentioning that our products stand out on the market for the original design, maintaining the highest quality and that all for a good price.

With great attention we surround customers interested in our offer, what we hope, positive impact on the choice of products tailored to their needs and final satisfaction of home ownership due to the unique design element.

We are confident of the quality of our products because we provide a favourable warranty and service assistance. Our doors are subjected to a hardening so they are completely safe to use.